• Assessment

    A full assessment is one part of a couple’s marathon. The Gottman Assessment uses Gottman’s research and over 100 questions to measure your relationship health, friendship, romance, conflict resolution, and trust. This will allow me to gather important insights to customize the counseling to you and your needs. The assessment is in-depth and can reduce the length of your overall treatment. 

    Our assessment for couples counseling includes a 15-minute free virtual consultation, Gottman Connect Online Questionnaires, and 4-6 hours of therapist time to analyze questionnaires, 4.5 hours of sessions (consisting of a 90-minute couples session, two 45-minute individual sessions, and a 90-minute feedback and planning session). I will also provide a written report of strength and growth areas and over 50 pages of materials and resources. 

    This assessment only includes the necessary basics to keep the cost affordable and provides excellent value for your money. Contact us for the cost.