• About Me

    I am the founder and executive director for Atibas Inc. which is a holistic therapy & counseling center in the Greater Sacramento area. I offer support for both individuals and couples to build flourishing relationships through our unique premarital singles and couples program.

    I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a specialization in diverse relationships. I am here to advocate for your success no matter your gender, race, or sexual orientation. I integrate attachment theory, emotionally focused models, internal family systems (IFS), relational cultural theory, neuroscience, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and trauma-informed models.  I am a Certified Gottman Couples Therapist, and frequently use the Gottman Method based on each couple’s unique interests, goals, and needs for their therapy plan. Whatever brings you to therapy, I am committed to being open and nonjudgmental to honoring your needs, belief systems, and point of view. The decision to begin therapy is a sign of strength and an investment in yourself, and you should be proud to begin and/or continue the journey.

    My own journey to becoming a therapist led me to work with individuals of various backgrounds, mental health struggles, and past/current trauma. My goal is to foster holistic growth and help empower you by using collaborative, evidence-based approaches with mind-body elements of healing catered especially for you. Together we will create a plan with specific exercises and techniques to help you know and love yourself better, release troublesome emotions, and expand your perspective.

    My practice is informed by my personal experience as well as my academic and professional training. My bi-cultural identity as an Indian-American woman gives me a unique insight, desire, and opportunity to influence and contribute at many levels. I have witnessed the benefits and successes that therapy can provide in multiple aspects of life, and I am always inspired by the resiliency shown by clients. I hope that I can guide you to rediscover your life’s meaning and beauty. That is who I am, why I am so passionate and inspired to be a therapist, and what Atibas was created for – to help you live life intentionally.

    My Mission

    “Every tomorrow is determined by every today.” Yogananda

    To inspire all beings to develop healthy behavioral and emotional resilience by connecting to their inner self to cultivate continual positive reinforcement to lead an enriched life.

    Begin your journey toward wellness.

    There’s an optimal state of well-being that we’re each capable of achieving. We just need help getting there sometimes. Find yours with evidence-based approaches to help identify and overcome individual or relational concerns.

    My Values

    Evidence Based

    Interventions and treatment plans based on the latest scientifically supported findings and best practices.


    Goals and treatment plans developed together and informed by your values and traits.


    A non-judgmental and accepting space to discuss what's working and what you would like to see change.


    Secure and HIPPA-compliant practices to protect your privacy.

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